Turning Bullies into Buddies

This literacy program brings literature-based social and emotional learning to children in afterschool programs to help them increase their vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Community Impact

  • Provided 262 classes at 20 sites for 1,116 children
  • Modeled lessons for 115 certified teachers, afterschool staff and directors
  • Organized a celebration of Pink Shirt Day with over 2,678 participants county-wide



“Before TBIB, I felt scared to stand up for myself. It was difficult. If we didn’t have TBIB, I’d still be scared and bullied. Now, I can stand up for myself. I don’t let kids get to me. I feel different. I feel more confident and much smarter. My grades went up. Life is better.”

– Ashleigh, TBIB Participant

“The program helped me stop bullying. I wasn’t thinking of other people’s feelings. I only thought about myself. I realized I was being mean and hanging out with the wrong people. I decided I was going to find a different crew (group of friends).”

–Juan, TBIB Participant