Parent-Child Home Program

The Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP) is one of the most intensive home visiting programs in the country. Twice weekly home visits provide new books, educational toys and activities to families with preschool children. Home Visitors role model for parents how to appropriately use the program materials with their children to promote verbal interaction, parent-child bonding and school readiness.

2013-2014 Program Outcomes

  • 14,680 home visits were conducted with 353 families.
  • 3,100 books and educational toys were given to program families.
  • 100 percent of the parents displayed improvements on post-tests measuring positive parenting techniques.
  • 100 percent of the children displayed improvement on post-tests measuring pro-social behaviors and language.


In April 2010, little Eliezer was nearly two years old when he was enrolled in The Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP), through Noah, Inc. in Belle Glade.

When the Site Coordinator met Eliezer to register him for PCHP, she noticed that he knew how to speak only a few words that were uttered very softly and were difficult to understand. Eliezer’s mother was concerned about her son’s language development and learning as she knew other children his age were communicating more effectively.

Once enrolled in the PCHP, little Eliezer began to soar! Not only was his vocabulary increasing, but his speech became clearer and more audible. His PCHP Home Visitor came to his home for sessions twice a week for two program years. At first, Eliezer had very few books or toys in his home. Each week, his PCHP Home Visitor brought him a new book or toy and role-modeled for his parents how to encourage language and learning through these items that now belonged to him.

Eliezer is not so little anymore. He has graduated from PCHP, has a large vocabulary and his family and he are quite confident he is ready for kindergarten. His mother credits Parent-Child Home Program with her son’s growth and learning and says she is forever grateful to the PCHP staff, Noah, Inc. and the Literacy Coalition for providing this very important program to children like her son.


The Parent-Child Home Program is coordinated by the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County through the sponsorship of Children's Services Council and in partnership with:

  • Boys Town South Florida
  • The Guatemalan-Maya Center, Inc.
  • Lake Worth West Regional Planning Group, Inc