Chris Arguedas, Literacy AmeriCorps



Success Stories

Story by Chris Arguedas, Literacy AmeriCorps Graduation Coach

Recently, two of my students were working on different assignments in my office. They were both busy at work, one with Florida Virtual and the other on her senior memory book. I was helping them work through their assignments when one suddenly stopped and quickly looked up at me. She said, “You know I wouldn’t be graduating if it weren’t for you.” The second student then interjected and said, “I would have dropped out yesterday if you hadn’t been here.” Just the day before, she came into my office in tears. She was feeling overwhelmed with all of her e2020 classes. I had no idea she was considering dropping out. This job is so fast paced; it’s easy to forget about all the small success stories along the way. Even though this job is an “uphill battle”, those two students reminded me that I am making a difference. It also provided me with the stamina I needed to finish the year out stronger than ever before. If this job has taught me anything, it’s that having faith in someone, no matter what, goes a long way.