Dr. Griselda Grullon, Reach Out and Read



Dr. Griselda GrullonSince 2001, Dr. Griselda Grullon has taken part in our Reach Out and Read program that brings early literacy into pediatric examination rooms. She has spent time with thousands of children ages 6 months to 5 years at her practice in West Palm Beach, teaching them about the importance of reading.

Over time, Dr. Grullon has benefited from these experiences, both professionally and personally. She explains below.

I have now worked with an average of 33,600 kids.

I felt I needed to help my community by encouraging children to read from an early age. I have helped families who couldn’t afford books. I felt I have encouraged and mentored families, too. That has helped me immensely in my practice.

Recommending a book for their well visits has helped contribute to a strong and meaningful connection with my patients through all of those years. I know that they will forget my name, but they will always remember I introduced them to books – and that I always care because in my business day, I have stopped for a moment to explain to them the wonderful world of books.

I have many unforgettable moments about volunteering at the Literacy Coalition. But one kind of memory in particular always stood out: hearing from moms that some of my patients fell in love with a particular book and that they wanted their mom to read it every day.

Another favorite thing that I remember is seeing the bond that books have created between siblings. The older siblings come around knowing that the babies will start the amazing journey of reading.

The Literacy Coalition has helped many of my patients own their books from an early age and start a passion for reading. A lot of my patients can’t afford most of the books and they feel loved when the pedestrian is showing them the importance of reading.

I believe many of my patients will not see a book until they start kindergarten, which puts them at a disadvantage. With the help of Literacy Coalition, we help children become more prepared to succeed and start a journey to a bright future.


Reach Out and Read prepares young children for school success by partnering with pediatricians who distribute books and encourage families to read together.