Workplace and Community Education

Provides instruction for adults who need help improving their English language skills, obtaining a GED, or addressing specific workplace needs

Community Impact

  • 7 students earned their GED
  • 3 students passed workplace certification exams
  • 2 students passed the Naturalization Test and became U.S. citizens
  • 98 adults were served at: Faith Farm, Lake Shore Apartments, City of West Palm
    Beach, City of West Palm Beach Water Distribution Division, Frenchman’s Creek, Healey Center and Summerfields Farm


Paul almost didn’t believe his eyes and Darin cried when each found out he had passed the GED exam. They had been attending Workplace and Community Education Program GED classes since they began their time at Faith Farm. Earning the GED is a proud accomplishment and they are looking forward to the doors it will open for them.

Darin’s mother passed away when he was five and his father was emotionally unavailable. His brother raised him and taught him to be a man. When his brother passed away, Darin’s drug addiction took over. He found himself without a job and homeless until he entered Faith Farm Ministries.

Paul bounced between his grandmother’s and mom’s house. School wasn’t a priority. At 16 years old, he dropped out of school and started working. He got married and had four children. Working dead-end jobs wore on him and he became depressed and started drinking heavily. He separated from his wife and realized he needed a change. He needed to get healthy, get his diploma and set a good example for his kids.

Darin and Paul were determined to leave the Faith Farm program with their high school diplomas. Darin described their Literacy Coalition instructors as “teachers with a passion” and Paul appreciated that the teachers took time to give students one-to-one attention and made sure they understood before moving on.