Budding Readers

Provides weekly one-to-one interactive
reading sessions for three-year-old children to help them to develop early literacy skills


Community Impact

  • 2 Reading Partners served 66 children
  • 660 books were distributed to children to begin a home library
  • 88 percent of the children demonstrated development in early literacy skills needed for future success in school


When Terrell started the program, he did not know his letters or show much interest in books and reading. Through his participation in the Budding Readers program he has benefited significantly from the weekly one-to-one interactive reading sessions with his Reading Partner, Mrs. Williams.

Terrell truly enjoys the one-to-one time with her and their weekly routine of reciting nursery rhymes, singing the ABC song and identifying the letters. He receives a monthly read-aloud book for his own personal home library.

Terrell receives positive reinforcement and individualized instruction weekly in a safe, nurturing and literacy rich environment. He is now eager to fully engage in literacy activities during his weekly session as well as in the classroom.

His teacher, Ms. Boykins, said she hears Terrell spelling out words on signs throughout the child care center. He now handles books with care and is focused, attentive and interested during story time. He was able to sit in front of his classmates with the monthly take home book selection and retell the story to the class while going through the book page by page. His confidence and ability to communicate have increased dramatically.