Turning Bullies into Buddies

Brings an anti-bullying curriculum, using high-quality children’s literature, to children in afterschool programs

Community Impact

  • 1,050 children in 21 after school programs and summer camps participated in the literature based, social-emotional learning program
  • 5,220 children and adults participated in Pink Shirt Day, a bullying prevention event



In afterschool programs and elementary schools, Turning Bullies into Buddies (TBIB) lessons and the celebration of Pink Shirt Day touched lives across Palm Beach County. At Diamond View Elementary, students Bianca and Nick, along with Reading Resource instructor, Rachel Roche, shared how TBIB and Pink Shirt Day helped create a positive school climate at Diamond View.

From the TBIB program literature, including Wonder by RJ Palacio, Bianca said she learned to be more accepting, kind and caring. She even found herself being nicer to her brothers at home. Nick shared how he became kinder through the lessons that went schoolwide with the books and activities.

After meeting Pink Shirt Say featured speaker, “Josh the Doorman,” Nick chose his ‘gesture of kindness’ and started holding the cafeteria doors open after breakfast and greeting each student as they passed through on their way to class. Nick related to some of Josh’s struggles and was inspired to see how being kind and positive helped Josh.

Beyond Nick and Bianca, many students in the school showed positive behavior changes after completing the TBIB activities. Nick shared a lesson learned from program literature, Because Amelia Smiled that, “If you are kind to someone, they will be kind to someone else.”