Parent-Child Home

Promotes verbal interaction, parent-child bonding and school readiness skills through a home visiting program

Community Impact

  • 17,431 home visits were conducted with 574 families
  • More than 4,488 books and 4,445 educational toys were distributed
  • 100 percent of families increased positive verbal interactions
  • 100 percent of children increased positive behaviors


When Victorya began preschool last year, her teacher called her mother, Jill, in for a conference to share with her how bright her daughter was and that she was more advanced than the other children in her class. The teacher was quite curious about what Jill had been doing with her at home. Jill immediately gave credit to The Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP) for preparing her daughter for school. Once the teacher learned about PCHP, she inquired about enrolling her own young child.

Jill shares with her friends, family and community that PCHP’s two home visits per week taught her daughter many new concepts and behaviors, but that one of the greatest lessons was that Jill learned to make more time for her daughter.

In 2014, when Jill came across an opening for a PCHP Home Visitor position, she jumped at the opportunity to apply. Needless to say, because of her enthusiasm and firsthand knowledge of the program, Jill was a perfect fit and was hired to fill the Home Visitor position. Since becoming a part of the PCHP team, through Boys Town South Florida, Jill obtained her Associates Degree and is due to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in 2016.