Building Better Readers

Recruits, trains and supports volunteers to tutor children who are reading below grade level.

Community Impact

  • 241 first and second grade students in 17 Title I schools were tutored by 79 volunteer tutors for a total of 3,508 tutoring hours
  • 74 percent of these students were at least 50 percent closer to grade level reading at the end of the school year


A mother of a child being tutored by a Literacy Coalition volunteer in the Building Better Readers called to thank us for helping her son. He was a second grader who had started the year at a kindergarten reading level. She noticed a big difference in him throughout the year and he was now happily reading books that we provided to him to take home. She told us that he completed second grade at a third grade reading level and even received a certificate for the highest achievement in reading in his class.