Village Readers Family Education

Teaches adults the English they need to obtain a family-sustaining job and helps their elementary school age children improve their reading skills

Community Impact

  • 130 adults and 55 children were served in the evening program
  • 32 children received afternoon tutoring in reading and comprehension
  • 77 percent of the children tutored made significant improvement in reading
  • 75 percent of adults tested demonstrated learning gains in their English language skills
  • 42 volunteers served 1,400 hours



Edeline moved to the U.S. in 2005. She was a teacher in Haiti, but lacking English language skills she got a job at a dry cleaning business. In 2012, Edeline decided to go to school and improve her English. She learned about the Village Readers Family Education program through her children’s school, Village Academy. The program would also directly benefit her children, Nicole and Antoine, with reading tutoring, homework help and an evening literacy enrichment program.

Edeline has made great strides in her English skills and in her education. She now communicates more effectively with her boss and feels comfortable asking questions and explaining herself. She would like to get her GED and become a licensed practical nurse. With encouragement from her teachers, she enrolled in a pre-GED class. She shared that she is incredibly grateful for the computer skills she learned at Village Readers, as she was able to be almost completely self-sufficient with her online classes.

Edeline’s English classes have helped her to become an advocate for her children. She attended a School Board meeting and “asked a question in front of all the good native English-speakers and TV cameras.” She is proud that her children finished the school year reading above grade level.