Pink Shirt Day

Palm Beach County
February 25, 2015

The Call for EVERYONE to WEAR PINK!                                                                                                               

Help Create a “Sea of Pink” in Palm Beach County! 
Palm Beach County will be filled with pink shirts to draw attention to the need for effective bullying prevention programs. Remember to wear pink on February 25, 2015.

Click here for the Pink Shirt Day Toolkit.

Click here for tips on how to prepare for Pink Shirt Day (PowerPoint in PDF format to accompany toolkit).

Pink Shirt Day T-shirts!  New LOW PRICE!
Order an Official Palm Beach County pink t-shirt!
Optional: Add your organization, afterschool program’s or school’s name to an Official Pink Shirt Day 2015 t-shirt!
No SET-UP Fee!

Book a Guest Speaker!
The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies and Suncoast High School students have volunteered to come and support your celebrations of Pink Shirt Day at schools and afterschool programs across the county!!! These guest speakers will talk to a group of your children about the importance of “Standing Up for the Others.” The speakers are available FREE of charge. To make a speaker request, please contact Marcia Bahia at no later than February 9th.

Pink Shirt Day Palm Beach County 2015: Helping Our Youth Find Happiness

The Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County will tie Pink Shirt Day 2015 to six NEW lessons from our Prevention Series on “Choosing to Be Happy.”  These lessons put a variety of children’s literature into a sequential format that makes this topic easy for children to relate to, enjoy and understand.

Many tend to think happiness comes after hard work, success, material things and situations.  In part, it does, but the largest part comes from within.

Inner happiness not only increases a youth’s ability to learn, but also increases resilience in the face of stressors such as bullying.  Children experiencing inner happiness are also less likely to be mean and cruel to others.

We welcome you to incorporate some of our suggested books and activities from two of our lessons into your classrooms in preparation for Pink Shirt Day 2015! Enjoy reading and helping your children begin to achieve inner happiness!


Mark your calendars and get ready for fun!

Before January 30
Look for toolkit to plan literature-based activities for February.        

Before February 9                     
Order t-shirts!
Book a guest speaker                                                                   

Before February 24                       
Enjoy books & literature-based activities!                         

February 25, 2015                          

Before March 17
Send your event photos to enter to win a basket of books (Details below)

Let Us Know About Your Participation in Pink Shirt Day!                                                                                                                                                   Please help us to track the impact of this event, publicize activities and secure future funding for Pink Shirt Day.

Win a Basket of Books!*
Share your plans, number of participants and event photos by emailing
Testimonials of impact would be appreciated! Be sure to share your posts on our Facebook page!
*The best submission will win a basket of books from the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County after the event.

Literacy Coalition and Community Partner Events
The Literacy Coalition and Community Partners are busy planning “Sea of Pink” events! Throughout January and February, school and afterschool programs across the county will read and enjoy educational components from our Turning Bullies into Buddies program related to this year’s theme of Happiness Comes from Within!


  • Pink Shirt Day Pre-Event Parade Appearance, January 18 and January 25, 2015 at the South Florida Fair. 
  • Pink Shirt Day Rally, February 12, 2015 at the City Center Plaza Courtyard in downtown West Palm Beach.


Focus School:

  • Berkshire Elementary, with the help of our sponsor, will read and do activities leading up to the event! Stay tuned to see how this school-wide campaign takes place!

Focus Afterschool:

  • City of West Palm Beach afterschool programs will read and do activities leading up to the event.  With funding from Primetime Palm Beach County, two select WPB afterschool programs will participate in the Turning Bullies into Buddies program throughout January and February and culminate their literature-based experiences with a Pink Shirt Day celebration at a City Park.

What is Pink Shirt Day?

Pink Shirt Day is about bystanders’ standing up to make a difference!

Research shows that bystanders who step in and take action can usually stop the bullying within 10 seconds.                                      
(Craig and Pepler, 1997)

Origins of Pink Shirt Day in Canada


Thank You to the Contributing Sponsor for our 2015 event:


Thank you to our Collaborative Community Partners:

  • Palm Beach County School District
  • Prime Time Palm Beach County with Significant funding from the Children’s Service Council of Palm Beach County
  • Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
  • Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department
  • City of West Palm Beach



Thank you for Significant Funding to our Turning Bullies into Buddies program:



Visit These Websites for Valuable Information on Bullying:

Cartoon Network’s Speak up website:


Congratulations to William King, Executive Director of Youth Speak Out International and the staff and students at Coleman Park!  Watch the videos that they prepared prior to Pink Shirt Day.  Great job to this Turning Bullies into Buddies site!