Pink Shirt Day

Palm Beach County
February 26, 2014

The Call for EVERYONE to Wear Pink!  

All day long Palm Beach County will be filled with pink shirts to announce that there are ways to cope with bullying.  We can learn to fight the urge to bully others, we can cope with the effects of being bullied and most importantly we can stand up for others.

Please share this printable flyer.

Julia CookPink Shirt Day Event: Author to Speak at the Literacy Coalition Training Center

Prime Time Palm Beach County in partnership with the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County will be hosting a networking event for afterschool professionals to celebrate Pink Shirt Day. The Literacy Coalition is proud to host the event.  Julia Cook will teach afterschool professionals how to use literature to encourage social and emotional learning with their students.  

Julia has a Master’s degree in Elementary School Counseling. While serving as a guidance counselor, Julia often used children’s books to enhance her classroom lessons. She is now nationally recognized as an award-winning children’s book author and parenting expert.

Julia has presented in more than 800 schools across the country, regularly delivers keynote addresses at education and counseling conferences and has published more than three dozen children’s books. The goal behind all of Julia’s books and efforts is to actively involve young people into her fun and creative stories and teach them to become life-long problem solvers.

Inspirations for her books come from working with children and listening carefully to parents and teachers. Julia’s books have been referenced in such publications as Parent’s Magazine, The New Yorker, Green Child Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Chicago Tribune,, and She has also been featured on CNN’s HLN News, and several large metropolitan networks.

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Celebrate Pink Shirt Day at Your Afterschool Program

The Literacy Coalition and Prime Time Palm Beach County, both of which receives significant funding from the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County, encourage each afterschool program across Palm Beach County to participate with its own on-site celebration of how bystanders can make a difference when it comes to bullying. Afterschool youth and staff are encouraged to learn this year’s theme song and dance, participate in activities and conduct lessons based upon this year’s selected book.  Guest speakers will be made available to sites that participate in the Literacy Coalition’s Turning Bullies into Buddies program.  A tool kit will be posted on the Coalition’s web site for staff to use and build upon. 

All members of the community, work places, faith-based organizations, other agencies and all schools across South Florida are encouraged to join in the celebration by wearing pink! Please call (561) 767-3355 for additional information. 

Make sure you wear pink! 

Be sure to join in for a SEA of PINK across the county. Look in your closet, visit local stores or order an official Palm Beach County t-shirt!


Official Palm Beach County Pink Shirt Day T-shirt

Palm Beach County youth stepped up to help design the official Palm Beach County 2014 t-shirt!

(See the contest prize winner submissions below)

Be sure to keep your eye out for this specially designed 2014 edition!

Pink Shirt 2014

Pink Shirt Art Contest Winners 

Pink Shirt Day design 2014 

1st Place: Marcus Voley, Westgate Park and Recreation Center Afterschool Program (Drawing pictured above will be featured on this year's Pink Shirt Day t-shirt!) 




Tshirt design second place

2nd Place: Johnathan Estillien, Westgate Park and Recreation Center Afterschool Progra





Tshirts contest place 3

3rd Place: Sabrina Joseph, All About Kids Learning Center




History of Pink Shirt Day

Origins from Canada

Nightly News Link

Tell Bullies to Think Pink

To read more about the origin of Pink Shirt Day click here.

2012 in Palm Beach County

The Literacy Coalition Turning Bullies into Buddies Program in partnership with Prime Time Palm Beach County held celebrations at three locations in Palm Beach County. Click here to read the press release.

What is Turning Bullies into Buddies? A message from our former CEO Darlene Kostrub:

2013 in Palm Beach County

In the morning of Pink Shirt Day 2013, The Literacy Coalition Turning Bullies into Buddies Program in partnership with Prime Time Palm Beach County sponsored a networking event featuring guest speaker Trudy Ludwig. 

Photo Gallery 2013

In the afternoon of Pink Shirt Day 2013, The Literacy Coalition Turning Bullies into Buddies Program in partnership with Prime Time Palm Beach County and the City of West Palm Beach held a large celebration at the Meyer Amphitheater in downtown West Palm Beach. 

Pink Shirt Day 2013 dance

Pink Shirt Day is an International Event

Pink Shirt Day Canada   Pink Shirt Day in French CanadaPink Shirt Day Japan      

"Educate and Celebrate" Tool Kit

 What is Pink Shirt Day?

Pink Shirt Day is about bystanders’ standing up to make a difference!

Research shows that bystanders who step in and take action can usually stop the bullying within 10 seconds (Craig and Pepler, 1997).                                                                            

Click here for our Tips on Bullying for Afterschool Practitioners

Visit Cartoon Network’s Speak up website

This year’s featured book

 Bully Beans by Julia Cook

Bully B.E.A.N.S. is a fun story that teaches people of all ages to become proactive when it comes to bullying. This book can help children and adults understand why bullying happens and what they can do to stop it. It is a bullying book that speaks to the bystander!

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 Arts and Crafts

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 Group Activities

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