Village Readers Family Education

Teaches adults the English they need to obtain a family-sustaining job and helps their elementary school age children improve their reading skills.

Community Impact

  • 125 adults and 37 children were served in the evening program
  • 82 percent of adults tested demonstrated learning gains in literacy skills
  • 32 children received afternoon tutoring in reading and comprehension skills
  • 85 percent of these children made significant improvement in reading



Romila, his wife Elda and their daughters Lina and Romidaelle participate in the Village Readers program. With his improved literacy skills, Romila, who is in the highest level class, was able to take classes at South Tech Academy and earn a certificate as an HVAC technician. He learned about the HVAC certificate program when a representative from South Tech presented a life skills workshop in 2013 at Village Readers that focused on vocational opportunities. Elda worked with the Village Readers’ career coach to find a part-time job with the School District for more money than she was earning as a housekeeper at a nursing home. Lina and Romidaelle participate in the Village Readers evening reading enrichment program while their parents are in class. They finished the school year reading on grade level and were promoted.